Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Memory.

I am starting this blog for a couple reasons... mainly because I need to express myself. Also, because I don't want to forget. I mean, how could I? Forget the man I fell in love with. But, perhaps some of you... the fortunate few who get to read this... will learn something from the stories I share.
This blog is for John Seay and our journey together. The joy he spread throughout his life to his family, his friends, to complete strangers, and to me... his fiance. This is a place where I can pour out whatever I am holding inside of me and eventually reflect on it. Or, never read it again. Yes, the blog will make you cry. But maybe.. you might laugh. But we had some great memories... memories that many of you have shared with us.
This is a page where John's life can be celebrated. Where I can fill you in on all the ways he made my life complete and how we both worked towards making each other a better person.

If anyone ever feels like they want to add an entry please let me know. I will gladly place your story here. I want to hear them all. I want to know his life before me. I surely will give you an insight to what it was like with me...

But, where to start?

I guess it all has to start with the beginning. As always. The Bible starts off this way. Why not my blog? I am going to make this easy. copy/paste style. from our wedding website. yes, we had one... not many knew of. It's out there. And I am about to share it with you.
yes, the music is Muse on the site. it's not the song i originally wanted on there. but, it stuck. and i never got around to changing it.
so... here it is ... straight from the site... the short version of how it all started.

It all started with band....
Autumn was a year ahead of John at FSU and both were part of the Marching Chiefs. Autumn played mellophone and John was in the drumline. One of Autumn's friends had actually pointed out John once mentioning he was "cute" but Autumn didn't really come to realize this untl almost a year later...
In fact, one of their first interactions is actually caught on film (see photo album) where Autumn during a game took away John's mallet (he played bottom bass drum...which starts the war chant at FSU footbal games) and decided SHE was going to start the war chant herself. John got a lot of lip from the section about it. Oops!

When summer came along that year both Autumn and John marched in drum corps. Although they marched in seperate corps all summer they would sometimes run into each other and would say hello. This is where their friendship began. When they came back to Marching Chiefs the next year they continued their friendship until eventually it grew into something more... and after a few awkward months of "what is this?" they decided to make it official on November 27, 2004. They were inseperable ever since...

So, like I said. Short version. There were so many other stories to go along with it. And those stories are coming.

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Brandy said...

i LOVE that picture of you (i think i took it, right??) hitting john's bass drum. the look on his face is priceless!