Monday, January 17, 2011

Encounters in a dentist chair

Every day I have the ability to interact with others. We all do. Hundreds of people pass by us everyday with their own lives... in their own mindset... going about their own ways. They are heading in a direction. It's amazing though when paths sometimes just cross. It's fate.
Lucky for me I was born with an outgoing personality. It is who I have always been. It's something that John had fallen in love with when we met.

For dad loves to tell me the story of when him and John were riding in the car up to North Carolina (I decided to fly thank you very much). My dad mentioned how well my students respected me and said to John "man, she can really intimidate those kids." John replied "are you kidding?? she intimidates me!"

Oh, John.

When you are born with an outgoing personality you have a greater opportunity for random interactions. You can meet some great people. You can also meet some not so great people. It's the risk you take on with the personality.
Today was a good encounter.
It was much needed and unexpected.

It happened when I was sitting at the dentist waiting for my teeth to be cleaned. The dental hygenist (who's name slips my mind) had noticed my ring. Of course. It's beautiful. And I can't stop wearing it. She said something about me being married and I thought it best to go ahead and tell her the truth. She was taken aback. She placed her hand where her heart was and frowned. I could tell this was a very sensitive woman with a lot of compassion inside of her. She then asked what many do not. Usually as soon as I tell someone they feel really bad and want to immediately change the subject. But not her. She asked "may I ask you what happened?" And I told her. I explained myocarditis. She wanted to know everything about it. She actually wanted to understand what it was. The sad part is.... it almost hard to explain... this rare virus. How can my healthy, handsome fiance be gone in an instant without any sign or indication?
As she listened her eyes watered. Then she said "let's go ahead and clean those teeth." After the cleaning the hygeinist pulled down her mask and looked at me and asked "are you a Christian?" I replied "Yes ma'am." She then said "may I pray for you?" and of course I replied "Yes ma'am." If there's one thing I know I should never turn down it's prayer.
She held my hands and started to pray. The prayer was long... it was heartfelt. We both cried together as she prayed for my healing. She also prayed for John. And then she prayed for my future husband.
After the prayer she urged me to join a singles group at my church. "You must do this for yourself..."
I am hesitant. I think I can do this on my own. The single game. But, I have to admit I have already started to test the waters and I think I am failing. I think I dove in trying too hard. And I think that instead of pursuing I would rather be pursued. And that's the way I am going to take things. Nice and slow. Allowing myself to grieve and open myself up to love from others. It's a balancing act that will take quite some time to master.
I was also told that my dentist was a widow.
See, we are everywhere. Strong women. Strong, beautiful women who have carried the same weight that I carry. Who keep it with them always. But, you could never tell.
The hygeinist admitted that she had sensed I she needed to pray for me when I walked in.
And really I was quite cheerful today. I wasn't mopey. I wasn't sad. I was content. But she knew. Another path crossed on purpose.

A memory:
When I think about dentist visits and John all I can think about is his PERFECT teeth. He bragged about them constantly. They were very straight. And he had never had cavity. John told me his parents used to make him take fluoride pills when he was a kid. Then he would chomp down on his teeth to prove their strength. It always made me laugh. And boy did I love those teeth. Especially when he would give a genuine smile. Not the goofy faces he liked to do in photos. But when you caught him in his natural smile. It was a beautiful thing. Him and his perfect teeth.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Love this post. Keep on smiling with those beautiful newly cleaned teeth!!

Hira Animfefte (Xera Anymphefte) said...

My Nelson had great teeth too. He used some kind of whitener on them that made them really shiny. It probably also offset the effects of all the coffee he drank, God bless him...

How I miss him...

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