Monday, June 21, 2010

The Necklace

When I went to visit my sister last week in NY she sat me down on her bed and said "I have a gift for you... are you going to be ok?"
This means it's sentimental.And I will never be ok for sentimental things. They don't necessarily hurt my feelings are upset me. They touch me to the core. For many reasons. Because usually they remind me of what I have lost that compelled someone to do this. Or that someone cared enough about me to make something sentimental for me.
But I will always cry.
I can see just a box in the mail or a card sitting in it's pastel envelope and cry. Because I know on the inside someone put their feelings inside and wrapped it up and decided to take the plunge to give it to me. And that takes guts.
There are many people that still haven't said a WORD to me. Not a sorry. Not a hi. Not a anything.
Are they afraid they will say the wrong things or offend me?

I was told by another widow that "you might not remember everyone who was there for you... but you will always remember the ones that weren't." And I am finding it to be true.
So, anyway. Back to the story.

I told my sister that I would probably cry but really when is there going to be a time that I don't?!
She handed me a letter first. Let me post it:
Dear Autumn,

This piece of jewelry I have had made for you has taken your whole life to create.

This is the story of this gift to you from Love from many hearts...

Once upon a time, a man loved a woman so much that he gave her a symbol of his love to last for eternity. Out of that love came a child... and then there
was you. Even though the man's love for the woman did not last forever, his love for the child did and still does... and then there was you.
One day the child's sister went with her and her love, John, to a "World" full of amazement and received a gift from the sea... a blue pearl....and this gift was for you.
One day, a few years later, the little sister also got a promise of "forever" from her true love, John. Not long thereafter, the little sister lost her love. Many days of sadness covered the little sister's life.... fortunately, her long legged blonde "sisters" took the little sister to another magical world and received yet another gift from th sea... a pink pearl... and this gift was for you.

Once the last gift was received, the big sister realized that these three pieces of your life would be made into this one piece of Love from many hearts... and this gift is for you.

Even though it may seem that the story may not have a happy ending... it will.

May you wear this gift and think of everyone that is important to you in your life... pieces of Love from many hearts. May you always remember the great times that you have had with John and the many more you will have in his memory... pieces of Love from his heart.

One day, may you find another love that will fill your heart with joy. May it be a day that you can hear John telling you that it's "ok" ... Love has p
ieces from many hearts.

I love you so much... I'll always be your Sissy and you'll always be my "Chicken Duck."

So, here's a picture of the gift.
It's very beautiful and I wear it everyday. I don't take it off... along with my engagement ring.
It means a lot to me.
And it came from the heart.

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