Sunday, July 11, 2010

John's cell phone pictures

When I had to clean John's phone out about a month ago... I saved as much information as I could. And I saved all his pictures. And I thought I would share some. John hardly ever took pictures on his own without me shoving the camera in his hands and say... "here, take a picture of this!!!" So, I find these pictures a little view through John's eyes.

The lawn in the garden at Versailles. Our last full day in Paris.
Me acting a fool in front of the Louve

John's shot of the Eiffel tower. Pretty.

John was VERY excited to see the Colosseum!!! We both were... it was one of those things we dreamed about seing. And there it was in front of us. Breathtaking moment for us both.

John taking a picture of me in Rome. xoxo

When John and I flew into Washington DC after our flight from Paris we ran into these two. We found it hilarious. ;)

John's photo of Amelia when we came to visit her for football season.

John at ICE! at Gaylord Palms. Notice: he was wearing sandals. He regreted this!!!!!

John took a shot of the Waldorf Christmas decorations and sent them to me. He didn't like the garland on top. He thought it was tacky. He wanted my opinion.

John took this while driving... pushing the cadillac to 90... big boy. P.S. THIS IS DANGEROUS.

John's view from the top of the Empire State Building. Our last trip together. :(

JOHN LOVED SUNSETS. THERE ARE MANY, MANY pictures of them on his phone. And I think of him everytime I see a sunset. I admired this part about him. That he loved sunsets. It was something sweet and sensitive and not something everyone knew about him. He was so romantic.

John had a picture of my ring saved on his phone so he could show it off to people. he was so proud :)

John's favorite pup in the world. Metallica.

John took this when we were in London. Great shot for an iphone, huh?

John's mom on her birthday. waving hello to her son.

Zion sleeping in my niece's bed. John was obsessed with Zion and couldn't wait to get a dane of his own.

One of my favorite pictures John captured. This is a CLASSIC picture of my dad. And this was his picture ID whenever he called. Made us laugh everytime.

John's favorite kitty cat. Cecilia. A.K.A. "Mr. Whiskers"

Pretty Cecilia

John taking a picture of me before we go out. This was in our old apartment.

Anyway... there are many more. Most of our Europe trip. He used his phone to take a lot of photos there even though I had my own camera and took plenty for the both of us. John knew my obsession with photos. A few weeks before he died I told him how I was going to buy myself a Nikon. I told him it would be an engagement gift to mysef. I was just planning on using some of my savings or putting it on credit. I wanted a Nikon. I wanted to capture our lives in a more professional quality... and engagement gave me the PERFECT excuse to finally take the plunge to do it. I was at first going to wait to have a baby... and then get one. But, I couldn't. In the end I didn't get a Nikon. John died. I have lost interest in taking photos. As much as I want to.. it's hard to take photos because I am aware I am making new memories without John. I feel guilty. I feel like he deserves to be here with me... in every photo I take. reluctantly of course. Making a silly face, of course. That was what he did. And I didn't care. So, for now my camera sits next to my computer. It's charged. Not used. I took a few photos when I was in NC seeing my nieces. I even uploaded our final photos from NY to my facebook account. That was a big step for me. but i wanted to share the memories with family and friends. i wanted people to see in the last weeks of John's life... he was COMPLETELY happy. he was happier than ever. WE were happier than ever. We were living out our dreams.


Star said...

I encourage you to pick up your camera. Find something that gives you pleasure. You will need a creative outlet.

Also, I know the feeling about being the sad girl and how people will start to drift away. It just sucks to say the least.

Jocelyn said...

I love the picture of Barack and Michelle... hope you washed your hands after touching the cardboard. You may have gotten the socialist disease!

Autumn I will go through every step with you. I may not be able to be there with you, but in spirit in my heart you are always there. I love you so much.