Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aunt Tammy's dream

It's late and I should be sleeping. But Im not. Of course.
So, I am sharing something tonight that was sent to me from John's Aunt Tammy. It was a dream she had the other night of John. I asked her if it would be ok to blog about it and she said it was.
The dream is of the younger John. The John she probably knew best. The John I am less familiar with... although he and his dad shared plenty of little John stories.

Hi there. I've been reading your blog. And since you want people to talk about John, I thought I'd share my dream with you I had last night. I woke up and thought it was so strange because I've never dreamed (drempt?) of John before. Anyway, the dream was that I had gone to Orlando for a vist. Jim and I were sitting outside and all of a sudden, here comes John in a small airplane flying all over the place and diving toward all the houses in the neighborhood and back up again. He was young, like a boy, and he was having a blast, laughing and making gun noises like he was bombing the houses. I woke up and thought about John and when he was little and it made my day. He was such a sweet little boy. I have some pictures of John when he was little. If I can find them, I'll send them to you. I just wanted to share my dream with you. Hope it makes you smile as it did me. Take care. Love you.


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