Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the bed. the apartment.

I am perplexed at the fact that I sleep on exactly one side of the bed now. John used to complain that I was a diagonal sleeper and that he never had enough room. Well, I am still a bit of a diagonal sleeper. But why havent I chosen the center of the bed?

I choose to sleep on the left hand side. Which was John's side.

When I wake up in the morning I usually end up in the center at some point. The sheets are so shuffled in the morning when I wake up.
My bed is soft. Fluffy. Just the way I wanted it... John didn't care for that much. He liked firm beds. Then again, this is the guy that could sleep anywhere.
In drum corps we slept on gym floors. My first year I did it with a sleeping bag... and that never happened again. I am a side sleeper and it KILLED my hips. So, I had to get air beds for the remaining three years I was in corps. I had bad luck with them though. I never had one that lasted all summer. When John and I both taught at PR in 2007 we got a queen size air bed. John was a litttle resistant at first. But he went along with it. It too, didn't last long. We would pump it up and both would end up totally on the floor by the morning.
I was worried about our future mattress choice in the future. We had come to the conclusion we would need a sleep number bed in order to both be satisfied.

So, I put up some curtains in my room today. They are beautiful peacock blue with a peacock feather design all over them. I love them. I got towels and rugs for the bathroom. Thanks to Jeff my desk is now set up and ready to go. The apartment is getting character. I am trying to make it as homey as possible. Liveable. A place to call home... eventually.
I feel like I am in home limbo. Like Ihaven't quite found my place yet. In fact, I am in everything limbo. Life limbo. Just waiting. If everyone keeps telling me time will heal... then I guess I will just be sitting here. Waiting. Waiting for it to do that magical thing where it starts feeling better?

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Star said...

I slept on my side at the very beginning. Then moved to Roger's side to be close to him. Now I'm pretty much in the center... even with Mr. X. Oddly, I asked Mr. X to sleep on Roger's side. I don't know why...