Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I find it funny that right now the most stable part of my job right now is my job. There are some jobs that everyone wants to run away from and go home. But I don't. Work takes my mind off things. For half the day I am a teacher. I am helping others. I am igniting passion.
I am on that new track in my life. I can try and start fresh.
But when I come I come back to the realization of the emptiness and of complications. Complications with money and finances and living situations. And I want to ignore it. And pretend it didnt exist.
I rather just turn my head away from problems. because its the last thing i want to deal with right now.

I felt like I have been taking somet steps backwards these past few weeks. Iam falling back into the dark pit. and it's scaring me.

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Star said...

Don't be scared. This is completely normal. Life will go back up again. I hate this word but it will take... time.