Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 months.

I had this HUGE long post written out that would continue from the last post...
but it's too late to do that again. So, I'll leave with this post. Pictures. Everyone loves pictures.

The roommates. xoxo

This is John as a pear bear. ONE OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOS EVER!!!!! It's so hilarious and soooo perfect. These are the lovely ladies I will be livin with. I am on the left... Andrea in the middle and Kelly laughing hysterically on the right. We used to say we wanted to live together again. Have houses next to each other when we got older. Well, here we go again.

Talking a walk in Central Park with John. Notice: attached at the hip.

Me and John at an FSU footbal game. Our most favorite time of the year!!! I mean, watching games with us... got dangerous. But it was always such good fun.

John staying dry. Enough said.

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