Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The t-shirt quilt project.

Many people have asked me how they can help…. And I have never been able to give them much of an answer except “pray for me” or “spend time with me.” But I have come up with a project… something I really want to do… for John’s family and myself. For Christmas I want to give each member of his immediate family (brothers, sister, mom, dad and nephews) a small quilt made from John’s shirts. I rather John’s shirts get use out of them instead of sitting in a dresser or in my closet. I have had one of these quilts made from all my drum corps and college t shirts and I absolutely love it. The company does an awesome job. You can check them out at I am planning on getting the lap quilts with sashing.
I will be purchasing 8 quilts that each cost $129.00 and an additional $27.00 each for sashing. Also there is a charge for shipping all the materials. The total cost of the project will be $1,408. This is something I cannot afford alone so this is where you can finally help out.
This gift would mean so much to me…. I really, really think it is a great way to remember John and have comfort in times when you want to feel close to him.
If you could help out and donate any amount of money it would be greatly appreciated. I will take pictures of the final projects and send them out as soon as they arrive. I have to send in all the materials by December 1st so I have a time limit.
If you want to mail me your donation you can send it to:

Autumn Hassell
5926 Lake Pointe Village Cir Apt 214
Orlando, FL 32822

Or you always visit me in person…. I would love your company.
Thank you so much for being so caring and supportive during this difficult time in my life. I really think God placed some amazing people by my side and have helped me stay strong while I go through this long journey.
Take care,


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