Sunday, January 8, 2012

Help me update my blog!

Hello, friends.
The time has come for me to give my blog the facelift it needs.
And that means making a few changes.

I am keeping the title of the blog the same...
"More Than Life Itself."
but it's the tagline that I want to change.

CUrrently it says "the grass was always green under my own feet."
I think it's a little bit of a negative view since life has been taking a better turn than it was when i first started the blog.
But, I still want people to understand it can be a place to go to read about the grief journey.
What I am looking for right now is a tagline that fits my new life, reflects on the old, and helps people understand what I write about...if any of that makes sense. 

Please send in your suggestions ASAP and if I choose yours there will be a little prize for you :) 

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