Sunday, January 22, 2012

My current life in pictures

I hardly ever post pictures on here. Maybe because I am lazy... yea, that's definitely it.
I was going through my phone yesterday and realized that the pictures I take on my phone tell a lot about what I have been doing lately. And who doesn't like a good story with pictures?
Here it goes...

This is Andi. And this was the first time she had experienced magical world of Harry Potter. I was super excited that I got to take her... it was in November. Andi is very very special to me. I am sure I have mentioned her many times before. When John died.. at first I had no one that totally understood where I was coming from. A month later God pointed Andi in my direction. She is a young widow like me. Our situations are a bit different but we are both grieving... and we are both healing. She has been my stronghold during the process and I love her a lot. I even love her more than that butterbeer we are holding in that picture :)

This is Ryan.
I am sure you are already aware of him. This is us at Thanksgiving. Our first Thanksgiving together. The neat part about this picture (besides my hair... which you can't tell right here but I made a braided "headband" out of my hair...) is that we had Thanksgiving with John's family. It was very meaningful to me... to celebrate with them and have them accept Ryan with open arms. 

And then there is Lily. Who always keeps our spirits bright. For Thanksgiving we dipped chalk in water and decided to make her a rainbow brite dog ;) 

As I have probably pointed out once before... Ryan likes to make me paper rings with his straw wrappers. It's a quirky thing that I love. I look forward to the day when it's a real ring :)

One night they had pictures with Santa at Smoky Bones (it's the usual hang out for my chorus teacher friend, Jen on Friday nights). I gave Santa an idea... "I'll steal your bag Santa... " and then he improved from there. I love this picture! :) 
Keeping with my resolution/vow of "being more crafty this year" I started early... with making hand painted Christmas ornaments. Thank you to Annalee for the inspiration. 
When you teach you never get to perform as much as you used to. So, I always enjoy Christmas time when I get to play Cantatas at churches. I was super excited that Ryan got to join me this year ;)
My friend, Christina, had her first child... a beautiful daughter named Madelyn. Of course it gets a bit bittersweet when all of your friends around you start having children. It does tug a bit on my own maternal heart strings. There is a very strong part inside of me that has always... and will always... long to be a mother. I really hope that I can experience this for myself in the next couple years. 

After months and months of not working at BMG.... I returned! I worked my first shift since August in December. It was a good time but was also very exhausting. One of the Blue men even welcomed me back personally. Oh, Femi.
For my 28th birthday my friend, Megan, got me a stay at the Ritz Carlton for a really good rate... and this BEAUTIFUL cake!!! It was amazing! It was so nice to have a time away with Ryan, even though it wasn't truly "away" because we were still in Orlando. But it was a great "staycation"

Another adorable shot of my Lily. 

On my actual birthday I was joined by about 15 of my favorite people and had dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant. I also got this AMAZING ice cream cake from Coldstone! I am not a fan of cake... so ice cream cake is the way to go for me. Plus, I had a gift card. And that's the part that matters.. saving money!
Two days after my birthday I got another birthday present!!! John's parents got me tickets to The Champs Bowl to see FSU vs. Notre Dame. I had a great time... especially when I joined the band and sat by Jackie Plack :) 

In the end... my Seminoles won!!!!!!!! I was one happy birthday girl :) This poster now hangs proudly in my office with all the other posters of great FSU wins!
I got to ring in the new year with Ryan!! I look forward to a new year and new start with him in my life. :)

....more pictures to come....

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