Monday, January 2, 2012

Professional resolution

I feel like I left out a resolution yesterday (ok, I really felt like I left out a lot... most of which are on that list Ryan and I made with our goals...)
But one in specific I need to bring up.
I want to be a better teacher in 2012.

Being burnt out and bitching all the time isn't healthy for me and it isn't healthy for my kids.
Yes, teacher can seriously suck sometimes...
but it DOES have rewards in the end.
I don't know if I will teacher forever... but I do know I can control the way I teach now and the way I touch my kids.
I want my kids to leave my class everyday LOVING music.
I want them to not want to leave.
I want them to look forward to my class every day.
I want to get excited to teach them new things every day.
I want to make time for them and I want to plan experiences for them.
I want to perform great literature and I also want to have fun.
I want to control my temper and try not to let the few rotten apples spoil the rest of the bunch.
I want to focus my attention on those who deserve it... those good kids.

One of my first years teaching I taught with another woman named Maggie (who is an amazing teacher by the way) and she had a motto she hung in her office that said "calm is contagious."
Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself about the motto.
It's easy for me to steam quickly when something doesn't go right... but I really want to work on making my calm contagious.

I want my kids to make a superior at MPA.
I want to give them music that is fitting for them whether they complain it's too easy or not.
I have never made an overall superior at MPA and I really want this year to be that chance for me and the kids....
I want the kids to deserve what they work for.... which will require me to do a lot of motivating and positive reinforcement!

I just don't want to give up on something I have always loved.
I want to keep giving teaching the chance it deserves.

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