Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 months ago

4 months ago I was teaching class. I was super excited!

I was also super nervous.

Would John get his surprise in time?? What was taking so long to get these strawberries delivered?

I ordered chocolate covered strawberries to be sent to John's work. When they got there John thought they were for a guest at the hotel. It took him a couple minutes to realize they were for him. I wrote something sweet on the card. And he, being so sweet himself, shared them with his co-workers. I called and asked if he got them and he said he did and was so excited.

4 months ago John was working at the Waldorf. He was super excited!

He was also probably a bit super nervous.

He had a plan. He was going to propose to me that evening on his 25th birthday. Using his birthday dinner as a cover up.

4 months ago I sat in the middle seat of the car surronded by John's dad, mom and my dad. I was super car sick. I was hungry and wondering why our dinner reservations were so late.

4months ago John changed his plans last minute. He went from wanting to propose to me alone to wanting all of our family and friends around.

4 months ago I stepped out of the car and ran over to give Lisa a big hug.

At this very moment, 4 months ago, my dad was sneaking the ring to John.

And a few moments later... John grabbed my hand and took me toward Lake Lily... toward the music that was so familiar to me.

I caught on.

And John dropped down to his knee.

The music was being played by some of John's friends... a little percussion ensemble by the lake. There are strangers around and my family has circled us. There ae photos being taken.

John is talking. He is talking and talking and I can't remember all the words. I am in a daze. THIS WAS HAPPENING.

4 months ago John opened a blue box. just as the music paused.

and asked me to marry him.

he gave me a promise of forever.

4 months ago I said Yes, of course!

As we hugged and kissed in our happiness (and me crying) the ensemble played Happy Birthday for John. I was laughing. I was also shaking. I was overwhelmed. And I was filled with a flush of heat... from a sudden attention that I was not used to. I stared at my left hand. With it's new beautiful hardware. A beautiful ring. Princess cut, surronded by kite diamonds and other tiny diamonds. Sparkling. Perfect.

4 months ago we went to dinner to celebrate two occassions. To us! To our future together.

To John! To his life and turning 25.

4 months ago I went outside to make phone calls. I found out everyone knew. But, everyone wanted the details. I was beaming. I didn't mind telling the story over and over. This was a day I had been waiting for. For a long time indeed.

4 months ago John leaned over to me at the dinner table and whispered "you're the best birthday gift ever."

This is John proposing. And me covering my face because I am crying.

This is my ring. John's pride and joy. It hasn't left my finger since 4 months ago. It will be there for quite some time.

4 months ago I made the best decision of my life.


Star said...

Wow... I took my after ceremony pictures at Lake Lilly. I haven't been back since. I can't even look at it if I pass by.

What a beautiful engagement story!!

Autumn said...

I still can't go by Lake Lily yet either. It's very hard for me.