Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet Ryan

Who is this mystery man... ? this AMAZING fellow to sweep me off my feet? The man who took a leap of faith and enter a relationship others could easily turn their back to. A man who loves me for who I am. All of me. Past and present.

Let's start here:

This was our first official picture as boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a weird feeling to take it... but exciting at the same time. It took me some time to post this pic publicly... I felt like I had to keep this secret for a bit...which is no fun.

but it really started here.....
Where is that, you ask?
It's the Denver airport. We had originally met here in 2004. me, being the social person I am, introduced myself after noticing he marched corps. (it was the city finals was in that year...) now keep in mind I hadn't started dating John until Nov. 2004. I met Ryan August 2004. Weird.
he was 17.
i was 20.

it was mostly talking.
and some eating.
and then an exchanging of something new: FACEBOOK. (which had just launched in 2004..) (weird thing is though it was only for college students at first and i think that summer it had just opened up to high school students...)
(yeah i was in college and he was in high school. lol)

7 years down the road we "meet" again.
i introduce myself as if he were a stranger (although in my mind knowing i have met him before). when you have the "widow brain" syndrome you just expect to forget everyone. it happens. i can't even memorize all my students names yet. AND IT'S APRIL.
he reminded me that we had met before. it wasn't until later that night he explained where.
now keep in mind Ryan is working with TCI. He teaches visual. he isn't a drummer like you expect. in fact, he plays trumpet.
he is teaching a show that is dedicated and inspired by John. he's teaching my dead fiance's show.
the same night we re-unite we decide to go on a date the next day...
(i had to clarify actually the next day. lol)
by the end of this date (Feb 13) we realize there's something that has sparked.
by midnight (now Valentine's day) we are hooked.
the next day we decide to be "official"

officially secret.

i was completely nervous to let anyone know i was dating someone.
especially john's family.
i remember i told annie first.
then John's mom.
who told John's dad.

ryan's issue was everyone at TCI. These were all of John's best friends.
he didn't want to look like he was creepin' on John's fiance.
he felt wrong for feeling right.

but eventually we told...

and guess what?

everyone has been very happy and supportive.

i guess i feel bad for doubting that people would be unhappy or disapproving of me trying to obtain happiness again. but, i now know for a certain that i found it. it doesn't make it one lick easy. it makes it easier.

anyway... not gonna lie....
i love this guy.
he makes my heart happy.

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Brooke Simmons said...

I am truly, genuinely happy for you. Gives me hope for my own future.