Thursday, August 11, 2011

I forgot to write about this post awhile ago... and I thought it would definitely be something interesting to share. One day I found out about this very interesting website called
It is a pretty interesting concept. It's like a time capsule in email format. You write yourself a letter for the future... and for me, I chose to write myself an email to be read on John's death anniversary. I wanted to check on my future self and see where I would be in my grief... and tell my future self how far I have come. Here is the email I got from my past self... on April 22, 2011.

Dear FutureMe, It's been a year since John has died. Are you where you thought you would be? I hope that you are finding love... and finding space in your heart for John and new love. I know it will never be the same. John was amazing. But, I hope you have grown. Have you fixed things with Zack? How is dad? Is he doing ok? You need to keep close with John's family. Don't ever lose them. How cute is Lily now???? Has she gotten big? You made it a year. All the firsts are out of the way. So, keep it up. Your journey is not complete... but you made it through a great deal. I love you, self. xoxo

Interesting, isn't it? Simple. To the point. And amazing at the same time... I felt like I could write back to myself and respond. I had come such a long way as I hoped I would. The girl that wrote that email was still surrounded by a deep darkness and didn't see the light yet. That girl was hoping her future self would have discovered a light. And when I read this it made me feel like I had indeed done what my past self had wanted me to. The questions I asked had been answered. I patched things up with friends. I found space in my heart for love.. a lot of space actually. I am close with John's family. My dad is doing good. lily is cuter than ever. And the journey still continues...

readers. it's YOUR turn.
take time right now to go to and write your future self an email. Set it for any day you like. A week in the future or 5 years in the future. I think I am going to write myself a couple more...
I was very excited to get the email when it came in. I had totally forgotten I had written it.
If you are making goals for your life use this website to check up on yourself in the future to make sure you had accomplished them when you wanted to. If you don't like the situation you are in right now write your future self about it so when it's better in the future you can look back and say "wow, that's over."
It's a brilliant idea.
Your own email time capsule.
A knock on the door from the past. From yourself. In your own words.

And the journey continues...

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