Wednesday, August 24, 2011

time flies... when you are buried deep in work.

School has officially begun.
it started back for me last monday... for teacher pre-planning. from day 1 i started off overwhelmed. but, i am gradually adjusting.
and, even though was flustered and ran about ranting and raving (the whole time ryan calming me down) I eventually got through.
I remember there was one day in pre-planning I was driving home thinking I was going to make it.
It's a 30 minute drive to my school each way.
And my eyes felt heavy and my body was weak...
as soon as I made it through my doorway I crawled in the bed and passed out. i let my dog out of her crate but had no energy for anything else. i didn't care if she peed on the floor or pooped in the bathroom.
i had nothing left for the day.
when ryan got home i woke up.
and i am pretty sure i cried.

and then this past monday the inevitable happened.
kids showed up.
day 1 was a mess... as usual. schedules are crazy and kids don't know where they are going. i am a new teacher. i have to validate myself to a bunch of pre-teens.
going to a new school is tough.
re- learning everything... getting used to new techniques, new rules, new codes, etc.
and yet i have done it 4 TIMES now.
four schools in five years. WHAT!

and now it's wednesday.
and things are already starting to flow smoother.
and things are starting to fall into place a bit more.
i am still in need of some breathing room... but each day it gets better. I get back in the flow of things... it's like riding a bicycle.

and then I take time and i text and call my friends.
and they are buried deep too.
and so, i can't complain too much... we are all in this together.

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