Thursday, March 1, 2012


So last night I took a fun trip to the ER.
I was throwing up a lot and having severe stomach aches.
I got there at 11pm and left the next morning at 8am.
I got a abdominal CT and bloodwork, etc. and everything came out fine. So, that's good.
But it also doesn't give me a clear answer as to what is going on with my stomach.
My gastritis is NOT getting better.
At one point I thought it might have gone away but obviously that isn't the case. If anything it feels like it is intensifying.
So, back to the GI doctor I go sometime next week. (geesh)
I am just SERIOUSLY ready to feel better. I am tired of being tired. And sick. Im sick of being sick and tired.
I want to feel normal.
I want to throw all my prescriptions out the window and stop giving the doctors all my money.

But thank GOD there is nothing seriously wrong. Just wanting to figure out how to start feeling better. It may require me to totally re-do my diet. I might get rid of everything and start to gradually add things... but where do I start? Do I just start with fruits and veggies? Totally my focus was on liquids (since I was throwing up all day yesterday). (I also had a small salad...) and my stomach is still churning. So. No salad? No smoothie? No decaf tea? What am I doing wrong???


Well. That's the DOWN part of the blog.

Now onward to the UP side....

And when I say job I mean one with a salary and benefits.
I mean... a completely big boy job.
So, we found out a couple hours after we got home from the hospital. It was really uplifting to know after being sick for hours. A light at the end of the tunnel.
So, now we can both be working professionals and hopefully get a jump start at the next part of our life together.


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