Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What the world needs is ... a baby ;)

I am excited about the royal baby's eventual presence in the near future.

I am looking forward to some GOOD news for ONCE on TV.

News that won't give me anxiety for once.
News that isn't about riots, or drug overdoses, or murder, or airplane crashes.
Just the celebration of life :)
And that makes me happy.

People lined up outside the hospital waiting for the birth of the royal baby...

Maybe it's because I am also in a pretty big baby mood too.
Hold your horses and your judgements, please.
I am not trying to have a baby nor am I quite ready to have one at this stage in my life... but when all of my friends seem to be popping out babies left and right and when the world is anxiously awaiting the birth of one as well...
it's just on your mind.
And I am a 29 year old woman.
I am allowed to have these feelings.
And I am VERY aware of the fact I am not even engaged and to have these feelings might not be "valid."
But they are.
I have been in this waiting line for quite sometime.

And yes, I am getting antsy to be engaged.
And I know I harass Ryan about it too much and I am working on just letting it go... and trust he has a plan.
But I can't help but wonder...

where's my big news? :)

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