Sunday, May 15, 2011

doors shutting.

I have been absent from blogging for a few weeks not. Unintentionally. At first... it was for a good reason. I was busy with life. very busy. With Ryan and work and friends. All seemed to be going well...
and then this past week... the day I had been dreading arrived.
My principal called me into her office and gave me the news that I would not be returning to my school next year to teach. of course, this hit me hard. And I became quite sad. and then mad.
First off, I love my job. and i loved my new school. I get misty eyed just thinking about leaving these kids...
And then there's the fact that I have not been able to keep a stable job for more than two years. This was my 3rd school in 4 years. RIDICULOUS.
I have never had a chance to watch my babies (6th graders) go through their whole three years and watch them move on to high school. I have never had a program cycle through that I can say was completely MINE.
I also have not obtained tenure due to the fact that I was once in another county.
And let me mention the worst part.... the school that I am at now TOOK ME AWAY from the school that I was once at. they ASKED me to come over. And at the time it was a great idea. I needed change and a fresh start. I needed new. I was weak an vulnerable. I was on the verge of quitting teaching because I couldn't handle the routine that reminded me of my life with John. Going to OMS refreshed my teaching spirit.
And yet, was this even a thought process when the decision to not hire me again was made???
My associate even told me she would fight for me. Yet, when the day came... I saw no fight. Instead she cried. And I went home to sulk for the day on my once again unlucky fortune.
I then got angry.
With all the shit I have been through how can someone honestly take away my job? My income? my safe haven? The place that helped rescue me from my darkness? I don't know if people truly think through the impact that have on others when they make these very serious decisions. or maybe they do. and they have to go to sleep at night with that burden on their shoulders. which is reason #1,503 why I could NEVER be a principal.
I know that money is tough.
I know that 2 band directors is where cuts can be made when the budget is slim.
But honestly, you just let go a girl who hasn't had a stable life in quite a while.

A girl who is trying to start a new life.

Ryan and I are moving into a place together. On our own. (thank god) no roommates. no stupid annoying neighborhood. No more ghetto.
Just me and him.
Starting OUR life. together.
with no job in the picture for me and a part time job for him... HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO PULL THIS OFF?
It's been causing me restless nights and extreme tension. I know the phrase "when one door closes... another one opens..."
but for me I feel like I have had way more doors opening then closing.
and how frequent will doors be closing in my life.
I can't help but see nothing but one door after another opening in other people's lives. And I am struggling day to day.
I just pray a big door opens very soon.
and stays open, please.

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Emma said...

I am so sorry to hear about your job, and although it is hard to believe sometimes I know something that is perfect for you is right around the corner. It is amazing how through adversity incredible, wonderful things happen, and you have/are certainly battling the adversity...the awesome things will come-have faith! :-) I know, easier said than done!
Thinking of you, Em